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Build A 290 Mini FPV Racing Hexacopter

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Step 1: Assembling the RD290 Mini Hexacopter Frame

YouTube video in process

290 Mini FPV Racing HexacopterTo date the mini 250 quadcopters have held the spotlight on the FPV racing circuits. Now we think it's time to introduce a new FPV racing class by showing you how to build your own 290 mini FPV racing hexacopter!

290 Mini FPV Racing Hexacopter

Before we start assembling the RD290 carbon fiber mini hexacopter frame, let's familiarize ourselves with the components that come in the kit.

RD290 Mini Hexacopter Frame Kit Components

Referring to the above photo, we have:

  • 1) Two Bottom Plates- These two plates are identical and are for mounting the booms/arms.
  • 2) Front Boom/Arms- These two arms are shorther than the other four arms.
  • 3) Side and Rear Boom/Arms- These four booms/arms are all identical and are for the sides and rear of the aircraft.
  • 4) Bottom Upper Deck Plate- The difference in this plate from the top upper deck plate is the mounting holes for attaching the deck to the bottom plate/arm assembly.
  • 5) Top Upper Deck Plate- The top upper deck plate completes the upper deck assembly.
  • 6) Battery Mount- The battery mount plate actually attaches to the top plate of the upper deck, but for this build we want the battery mounted below the arms to keep as low a center of gravity as possible so we won't use this piece of the frame.
  • 7) Front FPV Camera Mounting Plate- This is the camera mounting plate for our FPV system.
  • 8) Camera Mounting Plate- This plate is for mounting a GoPro or similar camera, it comes with the kit but we there aren't any mounting holes to mount this plate. Besides, we'll probably use a Mobius Action Cam and so we won't be using this plate anyway.
  • 9) Mounting Hardware- The kit comes with a few extra pieces of hardware than what is needed but that's okay!