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Build A 290 Mini FPV Racing Hexacopter

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Step 10: The FPV Ground Station

FPV Ground Station

The FPV ground station for our 290 mini hexacopter racer is very simple and consists of a small 7 inch portable color monitor, the Boscam RC805 AV receiver and two power supplies (above photo). The power supply for the receiver is a LiPo battery (which can be between 7V-12V) and the battery for the monitor is a Lithium-Ion battery pack with a built in charger connection for an AC adapter.

Boscam RC805 receiver

Although all of the components are necessary for this FPV ground station, the heart of the system is the Boscam RC805 A/V receiver. This light weight receiver is very easy to connect and use. On the top of the receiver is the DC INPUT, two AV outputs; AV OUT1 and AV OUT2 and the antenna connection (above photo). For FPV (AV) receivers and transmitters it is always a good practise to connect the antenna first so that there is no risk of burning out any internal amplifiers.

Monitor and Receiver Connections
Monitor and Receiver Connection

After connecting the antenna, we connected the AV cables from the receiver to our 7 inch monitor and then plugged the receiver jack into AV OUT1 on the top of the RC805 receiver. In our case, the connections are yellow (receiver) to yellow (monitor) and red (receiver) to white (monitor). A nice thing about having two AV OUT connections is that you have the ability to run either two monitors or, if practical, a monitor and big screen TV (the monitor for the pilot and the big screen TV for FPV racing fans, search and rescue parties, engineers, inspectors, etc). Then we connected the Lithium Ion battery pack to the red connector on the monitor (above two photos).

The final step is to connect the LiPo battery to the receiver by connecting both JST connectors. With that done we can power on our FPV ground station (below photo).

Power Supply Connected and FPV Ground Station Turned On

To test the complete FPV system between our hexacopter racer and the ground station we only need to connect the battery to the hexacopter and change the channels on the receiver until we have a good signal (below photos).

Boscam RC805 Channel Selector
Camera Mounted In Place
Picture Transmission From Hexacopter

At this point it is also a good idea to fine tune the camera's focus by loosening the small camera lens locking screw on the side of the camera lens and turning the lens in or out as required (below photo).

Camera Lens Locking Screw

To prepare the ground station for flight, the monitor can be mounted to your radio receiver or a tripod used for camera photography. For our setup we just used a mini camera stand that we had on hand that can sit on top of a picnic table (below photo).

Monitor and Stand

Before we can take our mini FPV hexacopter racer out for it's maiden flight, we need to configure it with the Open Pilot Ground Station. Which, by the way, doesn't take longer than about 20 minutes to a half hour...if that.