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Build A 290 Mini FPV Racing Hexacopter

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Step 4: Assembling The Power Distribution System

The power distribution system is the next step in building our 290 mini FPV racing hexacopter. Although it may look intimidating to some, it is actually quite easy to assemble. The heart of the system itself is the power distribution board which is really nothing more than a simple printed circuit board for distributing power from the LiPo battery to the rest of the components of our hexa racer. (below photo).

Power Distribution System
Power Distribution System Connections

To build the system simply solder your six 12A ESCs to the board making sure that the red wire is on the positive (+) terminal and the black wire is on the negative (-) terminal. Likewise, the wires for the LiPo battery connection, the blue LEDs and the connector for the Boscam AV TS351 transmitter (above photo).

Once you have made the power distribution system, mount it in place using some double-sided tape on the back of the board (below two photos). When installing the power system make sure that your LiPo battery connection is towards the rear of the hexacopter.

Put Doube-sided Tape On the Back Of The Board
Fastening The Power Distribution System Into Place

The first component of the system to be mounted in place is going to be our LEDs. Using some double-sided tape mount the LEDs half-way up the two rear stand-offs (below photo).

Mounting the LEDs