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Build A 290 Mini FPV Racing Hexacopter

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Step 8: Connecting The Boscam FPV System

Build a FPV System With Boscam

Now it's time to connect and install the transmitting side of our FPV system! In this build we are using a very nice 800TVL day and night vision camera which is compatible with both PAL and NTSC (below photo). By the way, we have to admit that so far we are really impressed with the both the color and clarity of this camera!

Day and Night Vision Camera

To push the video through the air waves we decided on the Boscam TS351 transmitter (below photo).

Boscam TS351 Transmitter
Connecting the Camera Harness

First we spliced the camera cable harness (which comes with the camera) to the camera harness on the Boscam TS351 transmitter. Red wire to red wire, black wire to black wire and yellow wire to yellow wire (above photo). Our camera only uses three of the five wires on the harness so we just cable tied the green and white wires and wrapped the ends with some electrical tape.

The next job is to mount the camera into the frame camera mounting plate (below photo).

Camera And Mounting Plate
Connecting the Camera Harness

To do this you have to remove the lens by removing the little locking screw on the side of the camera and then turning out the lens (above photo). With the lens removed push the lens housing into the camera frame plate. The two really fit together nicely without any modifications! Then, connect the camera cable to the socket on the back of the camera (below photo).

Connecting the Camera Harness To The Camera