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Build A 290 Mini FPV Racing Hexacopter

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Step 7: Connecting The ESCs To The CC3D Mini Atom

Once the Mini Atom is fastened to the power distribution board we can connect the ESCs to the output signal pins. The M1 ESC will get connected to the number 1 output pin on the Mini Atom with the white wire on the row of signal pins (below photo). The M2 ESC will get connected to the number 2 pin, the M3 to number 3, the M4 to number 4, the M5 to number 5 and the M6 to number 6. Again, all the signal wires from the ESCs (white wires) must be connected to the signal row of pins!

Mini Atom ESC Connections
Mini Atom ESC Connections 2

When all of the ESCs are connected, bundle the wires with a small cable tie (below photo).

Bundled Wires