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Build A 290 Mini FPV Racing Hexacopter

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Step 5: Connecting The ESCs

Now mount each ESC (electronic speed controller) to the top of each arm by fastening each with a cable tie (below photo). When you do so, keep the ESC as close to the body as possible. Note: When tightening the cable tie, just tighten it enough to hold the ESC in place. DON'T over tighten!

Mounting The ESCs
Identify The Motor Wires

Next we are going to identify each of the three wires on the motors with some nail polish so that we won't accidently connect the wrong wires when we go to connect the wires from the ESCs to the 2300Kv brushless motors. (above photo).

Once each wire on the motors has been marked, pass the wires from the ESC and motor through one of the holes on the arm and then connect them together (below photo). The combination of wires doesn't matter at this point because we will sort that out when we configure our motors with the Open Pilot Ground Station later on. Since we may have to change two wires in the motor configuration just twist the wires together for the time being and cover them with some electrical tape. Needless to say, you'll be doing this step for each of the six motors. IMPORTANT: When connecting the wires BE SURE to connect one wire each from the ESC to the motor! If you accidently connect two ESC wires together you will burn out your ESC!

Connecting The ESCs And Motors
Fastening The Power Distribution System Into Place

At this point, you can also cover the motor mounting screws with some duct tape (if you haven't done this already.) From the underside, your mini racing hexacopter should look like the above photo.

It is also a very good idea to mark each of the connectors for the ESCs with a number that corresponds with each motor (below photo). For example, mark the ESC connector for M1 with a 1, for M2 with a 2, etc. This will help keep things straight when we connect the ESCs to the Open Pilot Mini Atom flight controller.

Mark Each ESC Connector