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Build A 290 Mini FPV Racing Hexacopter

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Step 2: Motor Assembly & Configuration
For The RD290 Mini Hexacopter Frame

YouTube video in process

Before we mount our six DYS 2300Kv brushless motors to the RD290 mini hexacopter frame, let's put our battery strap through the two slots in the bottom plate assembly near the front of the hexacopter as shown in the photo below.

Positioning the Battery Strap on the RD290 Mini Hexacopter Frame

Now we can mount our motors on our frame sub-assembly with the following configuration (below photo):

  • M1=Clockwise rotation (CW)
  • M2=Counter clockwise rotation (CCW)
  • M3=Clockwise rotation (CW)
  • M4=Counter clockwise rotation (CCW)
  • M5=Clockwise rotation (CW)
  • M6=Counter clockwise rotation (CCW)

RD290 Mini Hexacopter Motor Configuration

This particular motor configuration is the Hex X configuration that we will be choosing when we configure our racing hexacopter with the Open Pilot Ground Station software. As you mount each motor it is a good idea to mark each arm with the motor number and the direction of rotation (below photo). NOTE: When you mount your motors, DON'T over tighten the screws and DON'T use thread locker! (Later we will cover the screws with some duct tape so that we won't loose any if they vibrate loose.)

Mark each arm with the motor number and direction of rotation