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Build A 290 Mini FPV Racing Hexacopter

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Step 9: Mounting The FPV System & FlySky Receiver

Our FPV racing hexacopter really takes shape once we mount the Boscam FPV system and FlySky radio receiver to the top plate of the upper deck! But first we need to mount the camera onto our 290 mini frame. When we do this it is important that the camera is right side up! To position the camera right side up the camera connector must be along the bottom and closest to the bottom deck plate (below photo).

Camera Orientation

Once you have identified the correct orientation, simply push the tab on the bottom of the camera mounting plate into the slot at the front of the hexacopter bottom deck plate (below two photos).

Camera Mounting Slot
Camera Mounted In Place

Connect the power harness to the Boscam TS351 transmitter and then mount both the transmitter and the receiver to the underside of the top deck plate (below photo). To mount the transmitter we used two cable ties and for the radio receiver we used some double sided tape.

Mounting the Boscam AV Transmitter And FlySky Radio Receiver
View Of The Topside Of The Top Deck Plate

When you mount the FlySky radio receiver, feed the antenna through one of the holes in the frame plate so that it will be on the topside and then tuck it through the cable tie that is holding the Boscam transmitter in place (above photo).

Cut Away The Protective Plastic Over The DIP Switches

Also, when you mount the Boscam transmitter, use a razor blade to carefully cut away the protective plastic over the DIP switches (above photo), so that they are more easily accessible if you have to change your channel configuration at the race track. Now, go ahead and reconnect the wires from the Mini Atom flight controller to the FlySky radio receiver which we covered in step six.

Reconnecting The FlySky Radio Receiver

Finally, fasten the top upper deck plate to the stand-offs using the six small screws provided (below photo). Since these screws are easily accessible, don't use any thread locker on them.

Fastening A Custom Canopy

Your newly built 290 mini FPV racing hexacopter is now finished! The only thing left to do is add a canopy and configure the Mini Atom flight controller with the Open Pilot Ground Station, which we will cover next. We made our canopy out of a plastic soda bottle, to do this see our DIY project on, "Make Your Own Quadcopter Canopy From A Soda Bottle". Once you make your own canopy you can fasten it to the underside of the upper deck using some double sided tape (below photo).

Fastening A Custom Canopy
Finshed 290 Mini FPV Racing Hexacopter