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Quadcopter, Multirotor, UAV Basics

What is a Quadcopter?

A quadcopter is a multirotor aircraft that uses four motors for vertical take off, landing and flight. Vertical take off and landing has the advantage of eliminating sophisticated landing gear and....>>>>>>

The Parts of a Quadcopter and What They Do

Quadcopters are really quite simple. A basic quadcopter consists of a frame, four motors with propellers, a flight controller, four ESCs (electronic speed controllers), a power module (or power....>>>>>>

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How Do Quadcopters and Multicopters Fly?

To keep things very simple, we'll assume that you already understand some basic principles such as thrust, drag, lift and gravity. Multirotors depend on the flight controller and ESCs to distribute....>>>>>>

Quadcopters, Multirotors: The Basics of Propellers and Motors

Quadcopters and multirotors usually use brushless outrunner motors as their powerplants. When selecting the motor and propeller for your multirotor or quadcopter it is important to know what it is....>>>>>>

balancing multirotor propellersHow to Balance the Propellers on Your Quadcopter or Multicopter

Why should you balance the propellers on your quadcopter or multicopter? The answer is simple, to reduce vibration. Vibration can be a villain, it can cause your multicopter to wobble while hovering...>>>>>>

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Detroit Drone FPV Speed Racing Championships 2015

Indoor FPV racing at it's finest! Watch the 2015 FPV speed racing championships in Detroit Michigan.