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How To Build A FPV Racing Quadcopter

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Step 8: Binding The Fly Sky FS-T6 Radio Transmitter & Receiver

How to Bind the FlySky Radio Transmitter and Receiver

Binding the Fly Sky FST6 radio transmitter and receiver

After setting up our Fly Sky FS-T6 radio we need to bind the transmitter and receiver together. To allow clearance for the bind wire temporarily remove the signal wire from channel 6 on the receiver. Then connect the bind wire to the pins labelled BAT (above photo). We need to power the receiver, so connect the battery to your quadcopter racer.

On the backside of the transmitter there is a silver button labelled, BIND KEY, press and hold this button while turning on the radio (below photo).

Fly Sky FST6 bind key button
Fly Sky receiver LED indicator

When the red LED indicator on the receiver stops flashing and turns solid (above photo), the transmitter and receiver our bound together. Now disconnect the battery, turn off your radio and replace the signal wire on channel 6 of your receiver. We are now ready to configure our quadcopter racer with the Open Pilot Ground Station software.