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How To Build A FPV Racing Quadcopter

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Step 9-1: Configuring Our Quadcopter Racer With Open Pilot

How to Build a FPV Racing Quadcopter Part 2

250 Mini FPV Quadcopter Racer and LaptopAlright! Configuring our 250 Mini FPV Racing Quadcopter with the Open Pilot software is the last step before we can take our maiden flight! First we will have to download and install the software from onto our desktop or laptop. A laptop or tablet is better because then we can take it to the racing circuit with us to fine tune our PIDs during time trials. So let's get started!

Initially our board gave us some grief using version 15.02.02, giving us the error that we needed to manually install the firmware on our board using the uploader plugin, which we could not find anywhere. Then we tried the rescue method of rescue, erase settings, upgrade, but it didn't work with our board either. Of course, we moved on to manually uploading/upgrading the bootloader, which left us with a board that would boot but would not allow the firmware to be installed. Finally we came up with a very easily solution! We had to uninstall version 15.02.02, reboot our machine and install version 14.10. We then upgraded the CC3D board firmware with 14.10 and quit the wizard (we could have just continued along with version 14.10 but wanted the latest firmware). We uninstalled version 14.10, reinstalled 15.02.02 and then upgraded the firmware once again with the wizard. This time it was smooth sailing! Now we can take you through the entire configuration process with the latest (at this time) 15.02.02 firmware.

The Open Pilot Ground Station software installs very easily so we'll get started with the configuration process. In the meantime plug a USB cable into the CC3D board (below photo) but NOT into your laptop just yet. If your board is oriented properly the USB port will be facing the rear of your quadcopter racer.

USB cable connected to the CC3D board
Open Pilot welcome screen

Once the Open Pilot Ground Station starts click on the green VEHICLE SETUP WIZARD on the welcome screen (above photo).

Open Pilot setup wizard welcome screen

The setup wizard welcome screen will open (above photo) with the WARNING: YOU MUST REMOVE ALL PROPELLERS FROM THE VEHICLE BEFORE PROCEEDING! When all propellers are removed click NEXT which will take us to the FIRMWARE UPDATE procedure (below photo).

Open Pilot firmware update procedure

Keep the ERASE ALL SETTINGS box ticked, click on the UPGRADE button and immediately plug the other end of the USB cable into your laptop. After the firmware upgrade is completed click NEXT to continue (below photo).

Open Pilot firmware update procedure 2