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How To Build A FPV Racing Quadcopter

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Step 9-3: Configuring Our Quadcopter Racer With Open Pilot (continued)

Open Pilot Sensor Calibration screen

At the OPEN PILOT SENSOR CALIBRATION screen (above photo), we need to make sure that our FPV racing quadcopter is sitting on a level surface so that the flight controller knows what "level feels like". Once your racer is level. Click the CALCULATE button. When the progress bar is done so is the calculation (below photo)! Click NEXT to continue along.

Open Pilot Sensor Calibration screen completion
Open Pilot ESC Calibration Procedure screen

We are now at the OPEN PILOT ESC CALIBRATION PROCEDURE (above photo). At this screen we need to pay closer attention to what we are doing. Once we click the check boxes we can click on the START button to begin our ESC calibration procedure. (The SimonK ESCs that we are using can also be programmed with a programming card, but for racing we can leave them at their default settings and continue along in the wizard. Programming the ESCs with a card is quite different than what we are accomplishing here. In this procedure we are calibrating the low and high range of the ESCs to go "live" with the CC3D flight controller.) As soon as we click the START button the wizard will know the low (off) range of all connected ESCs. To begin we need to click each of the check boxes and then the START button, WITHOUT the battery connected to our racer (below photo).

Open Pilot ESC Calibration Procedure 1
Open Pilot ESC Calibration Procedure 2

For the high range we need to act quickly! Now we need to connect the battery to our racer. As soon as we hear the ESCs beep we need to click the STOP button immediately! If we delay, the ESCs will enter into their programming mode waiting for you to change the default settings with a programming card. As already mentioned, that is not what we are trying to accomplish here. Once you have clicked the STOP button and the ESCs have finished chiming. At this point leave the battery connected and click NEXT to proceed, which brings us to the OUTPUT CALIBRATION screen (below photo).

Open Pilot Output Calibration screen

At this stage we are going to calibrate each of our motors and also verify that they are rotating in the proper directions. Click NEXT to proceed.