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How To Build A FPV Racing Quadcopter

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Step 1-2: Assembling the ZMR250 Mini Quadcopter Frame (continued)

Now that we have prepared the two bottom plates we'll assemble them together with the arms or booms in between (below four photos).

Prepared bottom plates ready for assembly
Bottom plates assembly with arms
Arms fastened between the bottom plates
Bottom view of bottom plate assembly

Then we'll mark out our booms for our motor configuration and mount our four brushless motors onto the arms of our quadcopter racer (below photos). IMPORTANT: Since we are using clockwise and counter clockwise motors the position of each is very important! From the top view notice the motor configuration in relationship to the front of our racer; M1 (motor 1) is clockwise (CW), M2 (motor 2) is counter clockwise (CCW), M3 (motor 3) is clockwise (CW) and M4 (motor 4) is counter clockwise (CCW).

Mark the motor configuration on the arms of the FPV quadcopter racer
Mounted 2300KV brushless motors

After the motors are mounted, cover the motor mounting screws on the underside of the frame with some duct tape so that if one happens to vibrate loose in flight it won't fall out and get lost (below two photos)! IMPORTANT: When mounting the motors DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN the mounting screws or you may strip out the threads on the motor! Also DO NOT use thread locker on these screws.

Motor mounting screws
Duct tape covering motor mounting screws

It is easier to mount the internal components without the top deck or the camera frame mounted. However, the photo below shows what the completed frame will look like.

A completed ZMR250 FPV quadcopter racing frame