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How To Build A FPV Racing Quadcopter

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Step 6: Making A Canopy For Better Aerodynamics

250 Mini FPV Quadcopter Racer

Once we have all our internal components installed, we can go ahead and improve the aerodynamics of our racer by making a nice light weight canopy out of a soda bottle. For a detailed tutorial and video on how to do this see our DIY project on, "Make Your Own Quadcopter Canopy From A Soda Bottle". Although this project is actually making a canopy for a different type of a quadcopter, the steps are all the same and transferable to this project.

Painted canopy and soda bottle

Once we created our master pattern for the canopy we traced it out onto a clear soda bottle, masked off the outside and spray painted the inside a bright red using an aerosal can. After the paint dried we drilled a hole in the top for our blue drinking straw antenna and then fastened the canopy to the bottom of the frame using double sided tape, which by the way works very well at holding the canopy onto the aircraft (above and below photos).

Canopy attached to underside of frame using double sided tape
Side view of mounted canopy

In the above photo we had to maintain some very large openings in the side of the quad racer to allow enough clearance for the 6045 propellers mounted on our 2300KV motors. Even though we have these large openings we still improved the aerodynamics considerably. With all this done we are ready to move on to setting up and configuring our FPV racer with the Open Pilot Ground Station software, which is open source and free!