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How To Build A FPV Racing Quadcopter

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Step 4: Mounting The Components In The Frame

Now it is time to mount all of the quadcopter system components onto the frame of our FPV racer! The first assembly to get installed is our power distribution system (below photo).

Installing the power distribution system onto the frame of a 250 mini FPV racing quadcopter
The battery connections are fed through the modified rectangular opening

When installing the power system remember that the battery connections go towards the rear of the aircraft and are fed through the modified rectangular opening (above photo).

Fasten the ESCs on the arms with cable ties

Secure the power distribution board in place using some double sided tape and also fasten the ESCs on the arms or booms using cable ties (above photo). IMPORTANT: When fastening the ESCs with the cable ties DO NOT over tighten them! Tighten them just enough to hold them in place and choose a place close to the ends of the heat shrink tubing where there is no risk of damaging the electronic components inside.

With that done, mount the CC3D flight controller on top of the power distribution board using double sided tape. Be sure to install the flight controller with the directional arrow pointing towards the front of the FPV racer and the USB port facing towards the rear (below photo).

Installing the CC3D flight controller

Now reconnect the ESCs to the output port of the CC3D flight controller the same as we did in step 3 (below photo).

Finally temporarily twist together the three wires from the ESCs to the three wires from the motors (below four photos). At this point it doesn't matter which wires from the ESCs are connected to the motors, this will get sorted out during our configuration process. IMPORTANT: Be sure that each set of wires is NOT touching the next set or you may burn out either the motor, ESC or both when connectingt the battery later on. If you have to strip back the insulation on any of the wires DO NOT do so directly over the motors! If a small wire strand falls into the motors it will be very difficult to remove because of the magnets in the motors. You may burn out your motors if this happens! It may be a good idea to cover the motors with a small plastic bag when stripping wires around the motors.

Connect ESC M1 to motor M1
Connect ESC M2 to motor M2
Connect ESC M3 to motor M3
Connect ESC M4 to motor M4