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How To Build A FPV Racing Quadcopter

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Step 7-2: Setting Up The Fly Sky FS-T6 Radio Transmitter (continued)

Type Select option

Spin the THUMBSCREW to select the TYPE SELECT option (above photo) and press the THUMBSCREW to enter into this option. Spin the THUMBSCREW to toggle through the available options and choose AIRPLANE or GLIDER (below photo) and press OK to save and exit.

Model copy option

The last step in the SYSTEM SETUP is to save our new model information by copying it to an actual model. To do this spin the THUMBSCREW to highlight the MODEL COPY option and press the THUMBSCREW to enter this option (below photo).

Model copy option
Model copy select

You will now be brought to a screen displaying the models to copy from and to (above photo). To toggle through the first selection of model names (this is the "from" model) spin the THUMBSCREW and then press the THUMBSCREW to make your selection. With the "from" model selected the arrow will automatically jumb down to the "to" model name. Again, you have the option of scrolling through various model names by spinning the THUMBSCREW. In the above photo we happen to be copying from Model 02 250Racer to Model 02 250RACER, yours however; may be different. Once you have the "to" model name selected press the OK button to copy the data over to the actual model. Of course the question will be asked, "Are you sure?" With the options of YES or NO displayed. Spin the THUMBSCREW to select YES if you want to proceed and press OK. (Select NO if you want to do this over again.)

Sticks Mode option

When you have been returned to the options menu scroll down using the THUMBSCREW and select the option STICKS MODE (above photo). In this option spin the THUMBSCREW to view the various choices available. We selected MODE 2 because we want the throttle stick to be on the left (below photo) which is the most common for North America. With MODE 2 selected press OK to save and exit. If you want the throttle to remain on the right leave the selection at MODE 1 and just press the CANCEL button to exit.

Stick Mode available options
Systems Setup option

We have now completed our SYSTEM setup so press the CANCEL button to exit out of the options and return to the menu with our SYSTEM SETUP and FUNCTIONS SETUP options (above photo). Spin the THUMBSCREW to highlight the FUNCTIONS SETUP option (wrench screwdriver icon) and press the THUMBSCREW to enter into the options for this selection. The first option to be highlighted by the arrow is REVERSE (below photo). Our preference is to reverse the throttle so that the up position of the stick is full throttle so we will enter into this option by pressing the THUMBSCREW.

Reverse option
Reverse option selection

Spin the THUMBSCREW to change Channel 1 from NOR to REV (above photo) and press OK to save and exit. We are now done setting up our radio so press the CANCEL button twice to return to the welcome screen and turn off your radio.