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How To Build A FPV Racing Quadcopter

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Step 7-1: Setting Up The Fly Sky FS-T6 Radio Transmitter

Setting Up the FlySky Radio For Beginners: The Basics

Before we go ahead and configure our CC3D flight controller we need to setup our Fly Sky FS-T6 radio transmitter, which is very easy to do and will only take a few minutes. In this setup we are not going to concern ourselves with mixing switches or throttle curves because those types of things really need to be left up to the individual pilots for race day. What we will cover is the basics so that you can proceed with the flight controller configuration and head out for a maiden flight.

Fly Sky FST6 radio transmitter

For this procedure we only have to become familiar with the THUMBSCREW | ENTER function, the OK button and the CANCEL button on the radio. (above photo). When you turn on the radio you will be brought to the welcome screen which displays the MODEL (below photo), this radio has the ability for you to set up several different models for various aircraft or experimental settings for the same aircraft. For example, if you had a 250 racer quadcopter and a 500 quadcopter you could setup a model for each and change between model names depending on which quadcopter you wanted to fly. Alternatively, you could have a basic setup for your 250 mini quadcopter racer under one model name and a second model name set with a specific throttle curve or switch setting so that you only have to choose the model name on race day!

Fly Sky FST6 radio transmitter welcome screen

To set up a model name we need to go to the SYSTEM SETUP by pressing and holding the THUMBSCREW | ENTER button. The menu that comes up will give us the options of going into the SYSTEM SETUP (radio icon) or FUNCTIONS SETUP (wrench screwdriver icon) (below photo). To toggle back and forth between the two options, use the THUMBSCREW by spinning it with your thumb. When you do so the rectangular box will highlight one of the two options. By default, the option that will be highlighted will be the SYSTEM SETUP option. Press the THUMBSCREW to enter into this option.

System Setup and Functions Setup Menu
Model Name option

Spin the THUMBSCREW to select the MODEL NAME option (above photo) and then press the THUMBSCREW to enter into this option. To set your new model name, spin the THUMBSCREW to highlight the desired character (below photo) and then press the THUMBSCREW to select that character. Once you have entered the name of your model, press the OK button to save and exit this option.

Model Name setup