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How To Build A Quadcopter
With A Pixhawk Flight Controller

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Step 4: Bind the Turnigy 9X Radio

Once the receiver and encoder have been connected to the Pixhawk flight controller, we can setup our Turnigy 9X radio transmitter, even though we have not calibrated the Q-Brain yet. In doing so, the first step is to bind the radio transmitter to the receiver.

Binding the Radio

turnigy receiver with bind wire

Before we connect the battery to our system we need to connect the bind wire into the bind port on the receiver (above photo). Once that is done, connect one end of the power module to the Q-Brain ESC and then connect the other end to the battery. The Pixhawk will light up indicating that there is power to the system.

connecting power to our components

Once we have power, turn on the transmitter and you will notice a red light (bind indicator) on the Turnigy receiver. If the light is solid, the receiver and transmitter are already bound together.

bind indicator on receiver

If the light is flashing the receiver and the transmitter need to be bound to one another, which is a very simple process. Turn off the transmitter, turn it over and you will see a black button labelled "BIND RANGE TEST". Press and hold this button and turn the transmitter back on. This will bind the radio receiver and transmitter together.

bind button on receiver

Once bound the red light (bind indicator) on the receiver will no longer flash and will remain solid. When we have a solid red light, this step is complete and we can turn off the transmitter, disconnect the battery and remove the bind wire from the receiver.