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How To Build A Quadcopter
With A Pixhawk Flight Controller

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Step 11: How to Calibrate the ESCs to
Go Live With the Pixhawk Flight Controller

How to Calibrate the ESCs to
Go Live With the Pixhawk Flight Controller

In step six we did the initial calibration of the Q-Brain four-in-one ESC. In this step we need to calibrate the ESCs with the Pixhawk flight controller in order to tell the flight controller itself that we are now ready to "go live" with the ESCs in preparation for flight. Do not do this process with propellers installed on the motors!

STEP 1: Turn on the Turnigy radio and set the throttle to full. Once power is given to the Pixhawk flight controller, this full throttle position will tell the controller to go into ESC calibration mode.

STEP 2: Connect the battery on the quadcopter and press the start/reset button so that the button changes to a solid red light. The LED on the Pixhawk flight controller will flash blue/red (like a police car), this indicates that the controller is ready to go into ESC calibration mode the next time that it is powered up.

STEP 3: Disconnect the battery and reconnect it a second time. Once again press the start/reset button until the light is solid red. Immediately you will hear a tone. At the sound of the tone quickly move the throttle stick to its lowest position. You will now hear the ESCs beep. Once they have completed their beeps the "go live ESC calibration" is complete. You will now be able to move the throttle to full position and all four motors will power up simultaneously.