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How To Build A Quadcopter
With A Pixhawk Flight Controller

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Step 3: Connecting a Turnigy 9X Radio to the Pixhawk

Now it is time to connect the Turnigy 9x receiver module to the PPM encoder and the Pixhawk flight controller. In order to connect these together you will need to have a package of 3 wire servo connectors on hand (9 are needed) because these connectors don't come with any of the components. Once this step is complete we can bind the Turnigy 9X transmitter to the receiver and setup the radio to work with the Pixhawk flight controller.

turnigy receiver ppm encoder connections

turnigy receiver ppm encoder connectionsppm encoder connections for signal outConnect eight servo connector harnesses to the eight radio channels on the end of the Turnigy receiver. It is important to have all the white wires connected to the top row of pins (on the receiver the top row is the signal pins). Turn the PPM encoder over so that the underside of the PPM encoder is facing up and you will see that channel 1 is the first set of pins on the left and going from left to right channel 8 is on the right side of the encoder. Keep the encoder with the underside facing up and connect the white wires of the servo connector to the signal pins of each channel 1 through 8. However, to do this you will have to twist the servo connector wires so that the white wire is down and the black wire is up because now the row of signal pins is on the bottom of the PPM encoder. If you don't turn the ppm encoder underside up but have the signal wires connected properly all of your channels would be reversed.

To connect the PPM encoder to the Pixhawk flight controller, connect a servo connector to the set of pins marked PPM (signal out). Looking from the end of the encoder these will be the set of three pins to the left. The bottom most pin is the signal pin so be sure to connect the white wire to the bottom of these pins and the black wire to the top pin. Once that is done connect the other end of the servo connector to the R/C connection on the Pixhawk, making sure that the white signal wire is on the bottom pin as well.

ppm signal out connection to pixhawk
FlySky FS-T6 transmitter and receiver