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How To Build A Quadcopter
With A Pixhawk Flight Controller

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Step 12: Mission Planner Motor Test

Mission Planner Motor Test

Testing our motors is the final step in our series on building a quadcopter with the Pixhawk flight controller. To do this we need to connect to the quadcopter through the Mission Planner software (below photo).

Mission Planner connecting to the quadcopter
Mission Planner motor test step 1

Once connected click on the INITIAL SETUP tab on the top menu bar (above photo). In the side menu click on OPTIONAL HARDWARE and then pick MOTOR TEST near the bottom of the side bar menu (below photo).

Mission Planner motor test step 2
Mission Planner motor test step 3

Set the THROTTLE to about 15% and the DURATION to about 10 seconds (above photo). Click TEST MOTOR A (below photo).

Mission Planner motor test step 4
Mission Planner motor test step 5

Our MOTOR A is the front left CCW motor. If everything is setup properly MOTOR A will begin to spin with a counter clockwise rotation (CCW) (above photo). Continue to test motors B, C and D. If all the configurations and wiring are correct MOTOR B will be the rear left and spin with a clockwise rotation (CW). MOTOR C will be the rear right and spin with a CCW rotation and MOTOR D will be the front right and spin with a CW rotation.

CONGRATULATIONS! We have just finished building a quadcopter using the Pixhawk flight controller and Mission Planner ground station! Now we will take our quadcopter out for it's maiden flight. For our maiden flight we will fly in manual mode.

Maiden Flight