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How To Build A Quadcopter
With A Pixhawk Flight Controller

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Step 5: How To Setup the Turnigy9X Radio
With A Pixhawk Flight Controller: Part 2

Setting the Mode Type to Acro (Airplane)

turnigy transmitter system settings menu screen

Continuing along, we will now setup the Turnigy9X radio to operate in "ACRO" or airplane mode so that the Pixhawk flight controller can understand the signals from the transmitter. From the first menu screen, press the UP or DN buttons on the left keypad to highlight the SYSTEMS SETTINGS icon (looks like a mini transmitter), as shown in the photo above. Once the SYSTEM SETTINGS icon is highlighted, press the MENU button on the right to enter into the SYSTEM SETTING menu options (photo below).

turnigy transmitter mode select

FlySky FST6 Transmitter and ReciverWith the [MODE SELE] option highlighted (above photo), press the MENU button on the right. The following screen will display a row of 8 TURNIGY modes, with the second TURNIGY mode highlighted (below photo). (The first TURNIGY mode is the default startup mode for the transmitter, we will copy to this mode as the least selection in this menu screen, so that the radio will power on with our new settings.) This screen gives us the option to set up several different modes by replacing the different TURNIGY modes.

turnigy transmitter mode select options eight turnigy
turnigy transmitter mode name

However, in this tutorial we only want to change one mode so we just have to press the MENU button again to return us to the previous menu. Using the DN key on the left key pad scroll to the [MODE NAME] option. Press the MENU button to enter. In the NAME EDIT screen, we will give our new setting a name. For simplicity, we are just going to call this "AAAAAAA", but you can work through and call this anything that you like.

turnigy transmitter setting mode name character select

To change the letters, press and hold the MENU button until the original letter is highlighted with a cursor box. Use the "+" and "-" keys on the keypad to sroll through the character selection. When the desired character is highlighted, press and hold the MENU key again to select that character. If you just press the MENU key, you will be taken to the previous screen, in this step you must press and hold the MENU button. To move through the name and replace the rest of the character(s), press the UP or DN buttons. As each character is highlighted, use the + and - keys on the key pad to scroll through the character list and select the next desired character for your new name. Continue this process until you have replaced the word TURNIGY with the new name for this setting. In this example, we are just going to replace the rest of the characters with a space. When all the characters of the new name have been entered, press the MENU button once to save and exit to the previous screen. Don't press the EXIT button or you will be returned to the previous menu but your changes will not be saved and you will have to go through the entire process again. To save your changes you must press the MENU button which will automatically save your changes and return you to the previous screen! It is a good idea to go back into this screen to double check that the new name is saved because this part of the system setup seems to be a little buggy and it doesn't always save when it should.

turnigy transmitter type sele option

When you are back to the previous SYSTEM SETTING menu, press the DN key on the keypad to highlight [TYPE SELE] and press the MENU button (above photo). We are now given the various types; HELI, ACRO and GLID (below photo). Press the DN key once again to highlight, "ACRO" or airplane mode (this is the only mode that the Pixhawk flight controller understands). Once the "ACRO" mode is highlighted, press the MENU button again to save and exit. The screen will display the message, "Please wait...." and then return you to the previous menu.

turnigy transmitter type sele options heli, acro, glid